Fukuang Plastic Technology Co., Ltd.

About Us

Providing comprehensive solutions for plastic industry
Fukuang Plastic Technology was founded in 2009. We are devoted in providing multipurpose plastics, serving comprehensive solutions to satisfy our customers' diversified needs in plastic industry. Fukuang’s products are widely applied for automotive, aviation, marine, E and E and household appliances. Our products are of high-performance, stability, reasonable price, and com with excellent service, having been exported to more than 20 countries and regions and won the favor of our customers.

Wide range of products to choose from
Our products include engineering plastic series PPS, LCP, PPA, PA66, PA6, POM, PC, PC/ABS, PA46, PA9T, PPO, PBT, PC/PET, PPE/PA, ABS, ASA, PEEK, PPSU, PSU, PEI, PES, PFA, PTFE, TPEE and high-performance modified engineering plastics, special engineering plastics products with independent intellectual property rights (PA66, PA6, PP, ASA, PC, PC/ABS, TPE, TPU, TPV and more). Over 300 brands of products with specific properties of reinforcing and toughening, flame retardant, wear resistance, anti-aging, anti UV, high impact strength, antistatic and conductive, complying with NSF food contact grade.
Annual capacity of 30,000 tons
With an annual production capacity of 30,000 tons of modified plastics, we are committed to the new material innovation to catch up with the international well-known enterprises and strive to be one of the leaders in the innovative and high-performance materials. 

For more information, please feel free to contact with us: vickyli(a)fk-plastic.com

Products and services
Our factory manufacture high-performance modified Engineering Plastics(e.g. PA6/66, PP, PPS, ASA, PC, PC/ABS, TPE,TPU,TPV etc.) with specified properties and also we distribute following engineering plastic resin with great advantages:

  • DuPont-----Zytel PA66, Crastin PBT, Delrin POM, Zenite LCP
  • Bayer-----Makrolon PC, BAYBLEND PC/ABS
  • BASF-----Ultramid PA6/66
  • Asahi Kasei-----Durethan PA6/66 of Lanxess, Leona PA66
  • Solvay Specialty-----Ryton PPS
  • Celanese-----FORTRON PPS 

And we can offer competetive cost and very short delivery time for you.